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Sex therapy is complex. Sometimes it is merely a physical dysfunction that needs to be evaluated; sometimes it is a relationship problem; sometimes it has to do with the messages you received about sex; sometimes it has to with trauma you’ve suffered; and, sometimes it has to do with how you identify yourself in this world. Usually, whatever causes you to have concerns about your sexuality, it can be worked through. However, therapy takes work and honesty with yourself…….awareness is the key to change.

People often wonder what takes place in sex therapy. I am an interactive therapist and will help you discover that you can talk about sex comfortably even with someone you don’t know. My approach is to help you learn to communicate about sex and develop your own sexual style through education, communication, and behavior change. Some issues that may create problems for you are:

  • Premature ejaculation - inability to control the ejaculatory reflex
  • Vaginismus - painful penetration
  • Low sexual desire/lack of interest in sex
  • Body image-concern about or not feeling good about your body
  • Erectile dysfunction-inability to be aroused to or maintain an erection
  • Gender Identity - dealing with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered
  • Orgasmic problems - problems with arousal, excitement, becoming orgasmic
  • Sexual problems arising out of discord with your partner
  • Aging and sexuality - how sexuality changes as one grows older and dealing with those changes
  • Effects of illness on sexuality - diabetes, Krohn’s, arthritis, renal failure, ostomy etc.
  • Sexual addiction - pornography, cybersex obsessions etc.
  • Infertility - inability to get pregnant or the process of getting pregnant through other means
  • Pregnancy - normal adjustments to body changes and/or problems with
  • Sexually transmitted diseases - Herpes, Chlamydia, AIDS etc.
  • Post Partum Depression
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